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Indian Country Economic Development Program (ICED)

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The Montana Department of Commerce Indian Country Economic Development (ICED) grant program is intended to improve economic opportunities for the eight tribal governments in Montana.  Since its inception in the 59th Montana State Legislature the ICED program has supported ICED tribal government priority economic development projects, the Montana Indian Equity Fund, and the Montana Indian Entrepreneur Training

Who Is Eligible

The governing bodies of each of Montana’s eight tribal governments are the only eligible applicants for tribal priority economic development projects.   

Funding Availability

A maximum of $65,000 per governing body is available in fiscal year 2015. 

What Qualifies

Eligible entities may use ICED funds to support a business enterprise if it will produce a positive economic benefit for the Tribe(s).  In this context, a positive economic benefit is defined as the near-term creation or retention of job opportunities for Tribal members in Montana.  Examples include:

  • Business Development Projects
  • Workforce Training Projects ($7,500/individual max per trained hire)
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Feasibility Study
  • Other Business Development Projects

Match Requirement 

Minimum matching funds required to receive funding are $1 to $1. Match can be cash or in-kind, and may be modified by the Department, in its sole discretion.  

Tribal Resolution

Submitted applications must include appropriate authorization for application to the program by the tribal government according to established tribal governmental procedures (i.e. tribal council resolution or authorization of the chief elected official of the executive branch, whichever is applicable.) 

Application Deadline

Applications could be submitted anytime after August 8, 2014 and are due on or before October 31, 2014. 

How to Apply

Application with corresponding tribal resolution and financial forms must be filled out and submitted to the Indian Country Economic Development Program.